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Why adopt a pit bull

There are too many homeless pit bulls and on the street.  These dogs tend to end up either being euthanized, used for fighting or someone breeds with them to make money. If you are thinking of a getting a pit bull consider adopting one. You will make a huge difference in the dog’s life you adopt. We need to also address these issues that we have with pit bulls being over bred. I have mentioned previously that breeders should be responsible, and at least have owners for the pups before they start the breeding process. Also if you have a female pit bull and you have no plans on breeding with her, take your dog to be sterilized, this will also eliminate unnecessary problems. I will later write a follow up  article including places you can adopt a pit bull from.  This story was inspired by Patrick the pit bull

Stanley Jacobs




Patrick, the pit bull that was rescued after it was starved and discarded down a trash chute, is making progress and could be ready for adoption by July, his caregivers told NBC New York on Thursday.

Associated Humane Societies, the group handling the adoption of the animal that won the hearts of dog lovers everywhere, has received thousands of requests from people wanting to give him a home.

Bruce Sanchez, the organization’s general manager, said it hopes to find Patrick a home by early July.

The pup will spend the next few months recovering from the devastating abuse he suffered. His caregivers say he has made great strides, and is now able to run and play with toys — many of which have been donated from well-wishers.

He is “absolutely wonderful,” said Patricia Smillie-Scavelli, administrator at Garden State Veterinary Specialists in Tinton, N.J.

On Tuesday, he had surgery to remove a solid, three-inch-long hairball from his stomach.

“It looked more like a big, flat rock,” said Smillie-Scavelli. “It was very heavy.”

The dog was also neutered and given a dental examination.

Associated Humane Societies said that Patrick’s medical milestones are the promising first steps toward adoption.

But animals recovering from abuse and neglect often need to work on social behavior, such as growling and snapping, before moving on to a new home.

“This was just the first half of the battle,” Sanchez told NBC New York. “Once they start to feel well, they start to have issues.”

Patrick, named for being discovered the day before St. Patrick’s Day, was originally found by a Newark housing complex maintenance worker, who alerted the Associated Humane Societies.

The dog was allegedly tied to an apartment balcony and starved for more than a week by its owner, Kisha Curtis. The dog was then tossed in a garbage bag and shoved down the garbage chute of the 22-story building.

When the employee found the dog, Sanchez said the dried saliva in his mouth caused his mouth to fuse shut, and it had to be pried apart. He was “almost skeletal and clinging to life,” Sanchez said in March.

The organization immediately put the dog on intravenous fluid and covered him with heating pads before transferring him to Garden State Veterinary Specialists.

Curtis, 27, pleaded not guilty to four counts of animal abuse on March 31. Her mother said someone gave her the dog and she couldn’t care for it.

The response from the public has been even greater than the Garden State Veterinary Specialists expected. Donations came in so rapidly via a PayPal account set up on the veterinarians’ website that they had to shut down the account

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Famous Pit Bulls: Helen Keller’s Pit Bull Sir Thomas

Blind and deaf since the age of 19 months, Helen Keller was an inspirational writer and speaker, and one of the most admired figures in the 20th century. She was an avid animal lover and had many canine companions throughout her long life, including her beloved pit bull, Sir Thomas. In her words:

“Whenever it is possible, my dog accompanies me on a walk or ride or sail. I have had many dog friends–huge mastiffs, soft-eyed spaniels, wood-wise setters and honest, homely bull terriers. At present the lord of my affections is one of these bull terriers. He has a long pedigree, a crooked tail and the drollest "phiz" in dogdom. My dog friends seem to understand my limitations, and always keep close beside me when I am alone. I love their affectionate ways and the eloquent wag of their tails.”


Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Cape Town - pit bull sinks teeth into leg of swimmer

A pit bull terrier attacked a teenage boy as he swam near a boat ramp in Hout Bay on Sunday, NSRI spokesman Craig Lambinon said.

“Once the dog got hold of him, it would not let go. A bystander took the top jaw of the dog and another took the bottom jaw and they prised the jaws open to free the teenager’s leg. It appears the dog and its owner left the scene,” Lambinon said.

Emergency Medical Services took the teenager to Victoria Hospital, where he was treated and discharged.

Police did not know of the incident, spokesman Andre Traut said.

Hout Bay Community Police forum member Roscoe Jacobs said: “Dogs on the beach are a big problem. There are areas for walking dogs, but there is no control. People don’t care. They take over the entire beach.

“The other evening, I was walking on the beach when a big dog charged at me. The owner called it back and while I was talking to him, the dog went and bit someone else. The council must enforce by-laws.”

In January, Bridgetown toddler Meeka Riley Lackay was mauled by a Rottweiler on Clifton Beach and later had four hours of surgery. A month later, the animal’s owner, who called himself the “Dog Shaman”, had the dog put down.

My question to the media, can they prove it was a pit bull that attacked the boy? The story differs from paper to paper, the one paper said the boy escaped from the dog himself others said a bystander took the top jaw of the dog and another took the bottom jaw and they prised the jaws open to free the teenager’s leg, I’m confused what really happened? If it was a mix breed that looked like a pit bull, I`m disappointed because someone didn`t do their job, if it was a pit bull than I apologise on behalf of the humans because the dog wasn`t trained properly!!

Monday, 17 September 2012

Moores bloodsport – Grand champion.
I went a little bit back into bloodsports history and discovered that he came from a bloodline of champions.  Bloodsport is related to van Lingen`s Hercules Grand champion ace of ace, this dates back to Garners Spike GR CH  5Xw POR. If you go back a couple of generations you`ll see Fitzwater`s Goldie CH 4xW  and Tudors Spike CH 4XW Rom is related to bloodsport. Moore`s bloodsport comes from a bloodline of champions and it speaks for itself. Who is Robert Moore and Anna Herselman? These two people are legends and to me never got the recognition they deserved. But as I have followed them and noticed, to them it was not about recognition but was all about the pit bull breed. I will have a follow up article on these two legends in weeks to come.

Friday, 14 September 2012

Its the end of another week....

I have however notice that theres alot of breeders selling pitbulls and the sad part is they strugle to sell these dogs, shouldn`t we first get homes and than start the breeding process? Some sell these puppies for next to nothing just to get rid of it, and that causes these animals to fall into the wrong hands and we all know what that means!!!

On behalf of the pitbull society, I want ask breeders out there to be responsible and show integrity when you start with the breeding process. It`s not about the money when it comes to pitbull breeding but it should be about the breed and its reputation..

You must have a wonderful weekend and remember to be responsible.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Good Day fellow Pit bull lovers. We went to fortis Kennels earlier today and had a chat with Mr fortis himself. He has beautiful dogs in his kennels with good temperaments.
 These dogs comes from the following bloodlines, Swamper/bolio and panther. Mr Fortis has a vision and that vision is "to get more dogs into responsible peoples hands that represents the athletic look and ability of apbt. Dogs that is easy trainable and hardworking."
I have seen these dogs and believe me, they are of good quality.

You can get hold of Fortis kennels on facebook.
His dogs are muscular build and has the potential to become champions. So if you looking for a good kennel I would recommend him.                                                              
You can also see Fortis kennels compete at cape town shows like SA Show Pits and experience the real deal. Whenever Fortis competes at these shows he doesn't leave empty handed one of his dogs will win and that you can be sure of. In conclusion lets respect the breed and be responsible pit bull owners (SJ) ....                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

More Bloodlines

                                                   More Bloodlines

The ‘Hank’ bloodline originated from a Pit bull known as ‘Burtons Grand Champion Hank’ bred out of ‘Kepharts Tip’ to ‘Kepharts Susie’. ‘Cummings Hank’ although named Hank does not come from the Hank bloodline but rather comes off the ‘Eli’ line




"Carver" originated from Pitbulls imported into S.A by Charlie Bensch out of Carvers Kennels or which originated from Carver bloodlines.If one had to do a six to ten generation pedigree on your pitbull where you'd see names like "Carvers Diamond", "Carvers Amber", "Carvers Black Widow" etc, one would follow the line forward to see whether the Carver line was kept pure by continuos Carver-line breedings (out of "Benschs Liquorice Kid for example"). Many Pitbulls bred today have the Carver bloodline in them but are not pure due to the introduction of one of the other popular bloodlines in S.A today.Your Carver bloodline is one of the most popular & desirable bloodlines preferred as they are known to be the best "all-rounders" to own.


The "Spike" bloodline originated from a dog by the name of "Garners Gr Ch Spike" which was bred out of "Woods Snooty" to "Middletons Black Betty". "Jurgens Jack Daniels" was imported into S.A who was bred out of "Garners Gr Ch Spike" to "Brewers Spot" - hence the "Spike" line. Any dogs bred from Jack Daniels line was automatically recognised as being "Spike" dogs.



Rocky originated from Chris Bekkers imported Pitbull "Bekkers Rocky" bred out of "Pyburns Joker" to "Pyburns Candy Cane". The "Rocky" line is one of the most common bloodlines in S.A today where a large percent of S.A Pitbulls have "Bekkers Rocky" in their pedigree.



The yellow line originated from Kirby's Ch Yellow John R.O.M who was a Bass'Tramp Red Boy breeding to Marlowes Red Feather. Once again we have a bloodline created from a R.O.M dog being Yellow John. The yellow line is also refered to as the Red Boy line.


The "Royal Red" bloodline originates from an imported Pitbull by the name of "Jurgens Royal Red" bred out of "Cummings Red Fox" to "Cummings Annie Oakley". The "Red Fox" line goes back to your old "Bullyson/Carver & Eli lines, where your "Annie Oakley" line goes back to your Woods Snooty/Boomerang/Bullyson & Carver lines.


Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Boudreaux' Eli

Eli was the product of the breeding efforts of Floyd B. He was heavily bred on Floyd's all time favorite dog Blind Billy. When Eli a 2xw was bred to Mr. B.'s Spook, another Blind Billy breed dog, the outcome was to change the sporting community forever.
Three famous names that come to mind from the Eli/Spook breeding are: Eli Jr., Bullyson, and a bitch named Brendy.
Eli Jr. was a fantastic 2xw himself and sire of one of the greatest dogs of all time, the 7xw Gr. Ch. Art. Art was unfortunately stolen and never recovered. Before Art was stolen the breeding's made with him produced a high percentage of quality game dogs and enough to make Art an 'ROM' producer. Just to imagine what Art could have produced if he wouldn't have been taken is enough to boggle the mind. Art had a litter brother who was an exceptionally talented dog in his own right, the 3xw Ch. Hurt.
Bullyson was a 2xw, 1xL and another fantastic producer. Bullyson's only loss was to one of his sons Benny Bob. Benny Bob subsequently lost to Jimmy Boots in a classic match. Bullyson's legend as a producer can be found in many dogs, but his most famous offspring has to be the 5xw Ch. Honeybunch, the all time leading 'ROM' bitch. Honeybunch subsequently produced the 4xw Ch. Jeep. Jeep now ranks as the number one 'ROM' dog to this day and literally deserves to be covered in a story alone. Other famous Bullyson offspring are Loposay's Buster 'ROM', and the ever so famous Midnight Cowboy.
Brendy when bred to her brother Eli Jr., produced P. Carver's Black Shine. Shine subsequently produced the legendary 8xw, 1xL Ch Rascal, Oso Negro a brother to Rascal, and the world famous P. Carver's Stomponato. Rascal when bred to Honeybunch produced the 3xw Polly, who in turn was bred to Jeep's father the 6xw, 1xL Ch. Bo 'ROM', thereby producing the great 7xw Gr. Ch. Outlaw. Another famous Eli bred dog was the 5xw Gr. Ch. Nigerino. Nigerino represents some of the purest Eli Jr. blood to be found today and is a highly respected bloodline in its own right.
The thing that make the Eli dogs so popular is that they are powerfully built dogs with devastating mouths who consistently throw these traits into their offspring.
One of best crosses to be made with the Eli line, was with the 'ROM' Snooty dog. Snooty was an extremely intelligent dog who added the highly desirable traits of pit intelligence and style. Eli dogs tended to be barnstorming dogs and this would lead to short-windiness. The Snooty cross corrected this problem without sacrificing the highly desirable Eli traits. Probably the best known dog from this cross was the 4xw Ch. Chinaman 'ROM'. Chinaman had it all and has subsequently produced a superior line of dogs. The Chinaman dogs consistently throw intelligent, powerful, game dogs with a lot of mouth, literally a complete package. These dogs are true fast lane quality and continue to make an ongoing impact in today's sporting era. It would be impossible to list all the quality dogs that came directly or indirectly from Eli Jr., Bullyson, or Brendy, because their impact on the sport continues on today. Their are literally hundreds of famous dogs who owe their success to the Eli line and its originator Floyd B. and it would take an archive of novels to list the accomplishments of them all.
This article much like the one about Red Boy only serves to scratch the surface of this famous breed.
Mr. Jeep
Note: Another great line that has benefited extensively from the Eli line was the one that was created by Ronald Boyles. The Boyles line of dogs started from a Patrick bred bitch named Boyle's Dirty Mary ROM (aka Patrick's Orange Crush) crossed with some very rough Eli blood through Holland's Gr. Ch. Cherokee Chief ROM, who was off of Everett's Buck and Goodman's Mizu. Buck died in a kennel accident on Irish Jerry's yard with his Gr. Ch. Weehunt dog. Both dogs were lost. The Boyles line has since taken off in a big way, and is a very well respected.

source : Sporting dog

Monday, 10 September 2012

Garrett's Ch. Jeep (ROM)

Throughout the history of the sporting American Pit Bull Terriers, no single dog has made quite the impact as Garrett's CH. Jeep, and that being the combination of not only his worthiness as a supreme pit dog, but the ultimate supremacy of his reproduction. Jeep was bred by James Crenshaw and sold to James Garrett as a young dog and was campaigned and brought to notoriety by James Garrett assisted by James Crenshaw. Jeep achieved his fourth win over Ozzie Stevens' Ch. Homer. This fight making history, for the caliber of these two dogs meeting in the pit is unusual in itself. Although, Jeep the victor, Homer, in his own rights, had proved to be just as good a combat dog and both dogs were truly entitled to the legacy that they have earned through this match.
Now that the formidable worth of Jeep has been established, we will go on to the greatest asset this dog ever possessed and that was his ability to reproduce a staggering figure of Champions, one Grand Champion and numerous one and two time winners. The conversation at many conventions always leads to great dogs and a dispute of which bloodline's are the best to utilize to get the highest percentage of game and winning dogs. I have often heard this one statement being passed when Jeep's name is brought up as to his high figure on the R.O.M. (Register Of Merit) list and that is, well look how many bitches Jeep was bred to create the amount of Champions he has sired. My answer to those dog men is this. Take three major pit dogs that are from outstanding bloodline's such as STP's Grand Champion Buck, six time winner, STP's Champion Toro and Burton's Grand Champion Hank, as these three were considered exceptional pit dogs and many utilized these three different bloods for the sole purpose of producing or establishing new lines from them. All three lived approximately to the same age which was ten years. Two were campaigned approximately the same time and died not to far apart, that being, Ch. Toro and Gr. Ch. Hank. Hank made his pit history prior to theirs, but was bred as many times as Jeep, if not more. Gr. Ch. Buck, probably second to Hank in the amount of his breeding's and Toro, who was bred to 23 different bitches during this period. The fact is all three of these great dogs combined together, produced about half the number of Champions as Jeep has. So common, sense will tell you how many champions doesn't hold water. In retrospect, dogs like Ch. Homer, Gr. Ch. Art, and Tombstone who was bred limited amounts of times and was still able to produce high quality dogs should also be considered. Certain dogs should be on the ROM list considering the number of times they have been bred, like: Jeep, Buck, Yellow, Frisco and Mayday to name a few.
Some of the crosses which are well known where Jeep created some great dogs and the blood seems to click the best with are Jeep/Red Boy and Jeep/Rascal.
Ch. Jeep was born in August 1976 on the yard of James Crenshaw, in the famous litter of Finley's Ch. Bo ROM to Crenshaw's Ch. Honeybunch ROM. That produced four champions. The most famous of the four was Ch. Jeep ROM. But there was also Crenshaw's (Super Gnat's) Ch. Charlie, who has been said to have been a better pit dog than Jeep. Ch. Missy who is seen in a lot of pedigrees today, and Swetman's Ch. Holly, who was said to be a terrible biter with lots of ability. This was a great litter that was made once, for reasons that I don't know.
James Crenshaw has stated publicly that he never liked Jeeps style personally, as Jeep was never a finisher in his eyes. This however severely contradicts Crenshaw's choice off dogs that he's personally based his yard on, as they were primarily off of Jeep, and crosses that he made with Ch. Rascal for the most part, and in later life he was well known for using Jeep/Red Boy dogs.
CH. Jeep is believed by many to be one of the best match dogs of his time.
Garrett's Ch. Jeep ROM defeated Pylant's Ch. Kato at 43 pounds in :28 minutes. Cooper's Weenie also at 43 pounds in :58 minutes. Stinson & Stepp's Black Dog, who was said to be a three time winner at 42 pounds in two hours and five minutes. And, for his fourth and final match we went into Ozzie Stevens' Ch. Homer, at 43 pounds and won in 3:45. This was one of those classic matches, that history is made from. Two great game dogs met, and only one could win. One created a legacy and the other a dynasty.
Garrett's Ch. Jeep ROM died in the fall of 1989.

Please note we do not promote dog fighting.

Friday, 7 September 2012


To the Pitbull Society SA family, you must enjoy your weekend and remember to be safe, have a beautiful pitbull weekend!!!!!

Chinaman was born on the yard of R. Abernathy on November 29, 1977. He was one of three pups born to Abernathy's Molly and sired by Wood's Trouble. Molly always seemed to have 3 pups. This time there was Chinaman, Boy and a female who would be named Onyx Lady (who went to the owner of Trouble, Dr. Wood). Boy would end up in the hands of G. Wright, where he would win three matches. Chinaman was raised by R. Abernathy and when he came of age he was placed with Dr. Wood to find out what he was made of.

After a short stay, Dr. Wood shipped Chinaman to Vince and Bob in California to make up for an earlier prospect he had sold them that failed to live up to expectations. He arrived full of hookworms and roundworms and weighed only 42 lbs., 4 lbs. below his eventual best match weight of 46 lbs. Bob kept him on a long cable run and tried to help him overcome his emaciated state. Chinaman thanked him by biting him, so Bob shipped him to Vince. It was love at first sight. Vince wormed Chinaman and scheduled a roll for him.

After a 3-hour drive Chinaman was nauseated and dehydrated. He was pitted 10 lbs. uphill against a powerful red dog named Ch. Caesar who proceeded to mop the floor with him. When the big dog tired, Chinaman went to the stifles and punched very hard. Even though he was still nauseated and underweight he came up from the bottom to bite down and stop Caesar at: 28.

Chinaman's next roll was into Doc, a highly respected wrecker. If he could hang with Doc for even 10 minutes, Chinaman would be worth a bet. Doc came out hard and slammed Chinaman into the corner and tried to trade with Chinaman. Big mistake! Chinaman hit the gut and killed the Doctor in his own living room in 17 minutes! It was clear Chinaman was something special.

For his first two matches, Chinaman was hooked into respected head dogs that some expected to weather the storm and challenge the killing stifle and gut dog. Like their predecessors, neither lasted to the half-hour mark with Chinaman. For his third, a match was made with the highly renowned Gray's Hubcap who had dispatched the famous Red Danger dog in a classic 2-hour encounter. Vince and Bob traveled 7 hours with their dog and when they arrived, odds of 5-1 were being offered against Chinaman. The betting line changed dramatically after the dogs were released. Chinaman drove Hubcap into the corner on his back and this is where the match ended 18 minutes later. Hubcap was a memory and Chinaman was proclaimed a champion and best in show.

Suddenly no one had a 45-46 lb. male. Respectable dog men avoided him like the plague. Finally, when he was 7 years old, some determined fellows bought an expert head dog from R. Jackson, just to take out the aging Ch Chinaman. The dog from Jackson showed a lot of ability, but it wasn't enough to keep out an athlete of Chinaman's caliber. Chinaman worked past his defenses and curred him out in 38 minutes. This had been Chinaman's longest match, but the outcome was the same as always: he destroyed everything in his path.

For all who witnessed his matches, Chinaman became known as one of the roughest ever and a true finisher. According to scientific tests, he had the air of a greyhound. According to all who saw him, he had the mouth of an alligator. He was very clever. He would outsmart slick ear and nose dogs and cur them out. He would finish straight-ahead dogs even faster. Swapping-out was his game. Like all the truly great ones, Chinaman's build was like a sleek, muscular thoroughbred.

The Chinaman name appears in many of today's pedigrees. His contribution as a producer equals, or exceeds his dominance as a performer. Among his better known offspring were Ch. Eightball, Ch. Cotton, Ch. Chinabuck, Ch. Chinagirl, Ch. Stormy, Ch. Missy, Ch. Chinarose, Ch. Ninja and Ch. Crock. He had three sons (Brodt's Boar, Cottingham's Cotton, and Shockley's Header) go over the 3-hour mark on the same weekend! Perhaps his greatest contribution is as a producer of producers, as his son Frisco ROM has produced more champions and grand champions than any other living stud.

The Legend


Thursday, 6 September 2012

Is there something like a blue pitbull or is  the blue pitbull actually a bully,thats how we started our debate yesterday on our bb chat. For those that dont have BB chat, what is you opninion?feel free to leave a comment.

TOWN OF OSCEOLA - Two men are expected to make their initial court appearances Wednesday for their role in allegedly using a pit bull to attack an 18-year-old as a means of interrogation.
The incident occurred on Aug. 31 at a residence on Greenwood Lane in the town of Osceola.
Lt. Cameron McGee said the Campbellsport EMS was called to the residence around 11:19 p.m. for a victim with multiple dog bite wounds on the body.
“During our investigation we learned that the 58-year-old homeowner had accused the 18-year-old of theft and commanded his pit bull to attack the kid as a means of interrogation,” McGee said. “After more discussion, the man called the dog to attack the kid a second time while the victim’s father watched.”
McGee said the 18-year-old was then bound around the ankles, dragged outside and hung upside down from the porch rafters.
“The dog again was commanded to attack the kid,” McGee said, adding that the boy’s father may have participated in the interrogation.
McGee said a third party arrived at the residence and was shocked at the scene and called 911. The 18-year-old was transported to St. Agnes Hospital and treated for multiple dog bite wounds over his entire body, and released.
Charges of false imprisonment, party to a crime of negligent handling of a dangerous weapon, aggravated battery and bail-jumping are being referred to the Fond du Lac District Attorney’s Office against the 58-year-old town of Osceola man.
The boy’s father, a 43-year-old New Berlin man will face similar charges along with failing to aid the victim in reporting a crime.
McGee said the dog is being held at the Fond du Lac County Humane Society.

“I don’t want to see pit bulls getting a bad rap. This was a dog that was trained to attack, and the owner was specifically ordering him to do that,” McGee said. “It is the pet owners responsibility to have control of their dogs.”
In his years as a law enforcement officer, McGee cannot remember a similar case.

“It’s kind of scary that something like this would happen and a parent would stand by and do nothing,” McGee said. “It’s just shocking.”

The 58-year-old is also scheduled for a jury trial later this year on charges of intentional child abuse stemming from an unrelated case.

Pit bull Society SA is a group of diverse individuals fighting animal cruelty and standing up for those who can’t talk or defend themselves. We are against any illegal dog fighting and we do not promote any activities that will harm our Pit bull friends. This forum or blog will be used to educate people about the pit bull breed. Pit bull Society SA is a non-profitable organization and the group’s objective it to promote the truth about the breed and the truth is, pit bulls ranks better in temperament than many other breeds. Who is Pit bull Society SA? Pit bull Society is me and you the “pit bull Lovers”!!!!